Environmental Approach to Garden Design

Honley Garden Design offers a friendly and individual approach to all aspects of designing your garden.

We feel it is important to consider the environmental impact your garden will have and guidance can be given on the best ways to improve this.

It is thought generally that climate change will bring earlier springs, an extended growing season, a higher average temperature year round, increased winter rainfall and hotter drier summers.

Vegetable garden with chickens

A sustainable garden design approach will consider:

  • planting to suit today's environment which will cope with local climate conditions and will reduce irrigation;
  • the impact of time on your garden, so that fewer changes are necessary;
  • the use of local materials to reduce transport and ensure local distinctiveness;
  • ways to improve biodiversity;
  • the use of recycled materials and the reuse of existing on-site resources where possible.
Garden pond for wildlife

A well designed eco-friendly garden should reduce the time spent on garden maintenance, improve air-purification, it can also provide food and should be more rewarding and relaxing.

Barry Kellington is a Registered Member of the leading body for garden design, the Society of Garden Designers.

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