Garden Design Process

We offer a friendly and professional design service for all types of garden design work.

  • First Consultation visit - the first step is a visit to assess the site and to discuss your ideas
  • The Survey - an accurate survey of the garden is drawn up showing the scale, levels, existing features and planting. Here we analyse the soil and take in the aspect and alignment of your garden.
  • The First Presentation - presenting the exciting possibilities your garden has to offer - the outline plan is drawn up supported if necessary with finished sketches. This is used to communicate the design ideas and enables us to ensure that you will be happy with the final design.
  • The Planting Plan - shows the location and spacing of all the plants. A planting list describes the plants that are recommended.
  • Final Design - the plan shows you the finished design of your garden together with the information needed by the contractors who will build the garden. Construction drawings of specific garden structures or water features will be produced if required. The completed design is explained, ensuring that the key design elements are conveyed.
  • Project Monitoring - to ensure a satisfactory outcome we are available to monitor the progress of the garden as it is implemented.
  • Construction - copies of the completed design documents are handed over to the contractors who will build the garden. The complete design is explained, ensuring that the key design aspects are conveyed.

Barry Kellington is a Registered Member of the leading body for garden design, the Society of Garden Designers.

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